Euler Reconsidered

Tercentenary essays. Edited by Roger Baker

Kendrick Press, Inc. (2007) iv + 474pp.
Paperback $95.00. ISBN 0-9793183-6-X

This volume of thoughtful essays on the life and work of the great mathematician Leonhard Euler (1707-1783) honors the 300th anniversary of his birth in Basel, Switzerland. Titles and authors of the essays are as follows: Introduction, Roger Baker. Mathematics for the King: was Euler an impractical theorist?, Michael Eckert. Euler's treatises on infinitesimal analysis: Introductio in analysin infinitorum, Institutiones calculi differentialis, Institutionum calculi integralis, Giovanni Ferraro. The contributions of Euler to actuarial mathematics, Robert Ineichen. Eulers' Introductio in analysin infinitorum and the program of algebraic analysis: quantities, functions and numerical partitions, Marco Panza. Euler and magnetism, Patricia Radelet-de Grave. Constants, units, measures, and dimensions in Leonard Euler's Mechanics, 1736ó1765, Francisco A. Gonzalez-Redondo. Physics and analysis. Euler and the search for fundamental principles of mechanics, Angel E. Romero. Eulerís work in probability and statistics, Oscar Sheynin. Eulerís early relativistic theory, Dieter Suisky. Eulerís theory of numbers, Masahito Takase. The rise of the function concept in analysis, RŁdiger Thiele. Leonhard Euler and the foundations of mechanics, Vadim Ivanovich Yakovlev.


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