Bernhard Riemann, Collected Papers

Kendrick Press, Inc. (2004) x+555pp.
ISBN 0-09740427-2-2 hardback, $140.00.
ISBN 0-9740427-3-0 paperback, $90.00.
Translated from the 1892 edition by R. Baker, C. Christenson and H. Orde.

This is the first English translation of the collected papers of Bernhard Riemann (1826-1866), one of the greatest mathematicians of all time. Riemann surfaces, Riemannian geometry and the Riemann zeta function are fundamental concepts of modern mathematics. In spite of his short life and precarious health, Riemann provided new and profound insights in many areas of analysis, geometry and physics.

Some highlights of the Collected Papers:
• Riemann's doctoral thesis on the theory of functions of a complex variable;
• The beautiful paper on the zeta function and its connection to the distribution of prime numbers;
• The famous lecture at Göttingen that initiated a new era in differential geometry;
• The great memoir on Abelian functions that played a key role in the evolution of algebraic geometry.

There are also masterly works on trigonometric series, hypergeometric functions, shock waves, electrodynamics and many other topics. They are all surprisingly accessible to modern readers. The well-known essay by Richard Dedekind on Riemann's life and work is included.

'My father's childhood copy of The Count of Monte Cristo is inscribed "This is the best book I ever read", exactly my opinion of this translation of Riemann's works …. This event should be celebrated by all mathematicians and students who read primarily English.' (Roy Campbell Smith, Math. Reviews.)

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